How to DermaWand® and DermaVitál®!

Step 2: Hydra Infusion

Now that you've used your DermaWand®, it's time to lock in your skin's moisture to maintain your treatment benefits. DermaVitál® Hydra Infusion™ Beauty Treatment contains a precise combination of sesame oil, lanolin and glycerin – along with natural powerful humectants – that allow your skin to actually attract and hold water. These humectants have been carefully engineered to work with our Skin Mist spray to literally draw in purified water, refreshing your skin from the inside out. This unique humectant delivery system helps your skin regain the moisture it loses throughout the day. And with continued use – you'll notice this advanced hydration formula plumps out your fine lines and wrinkles, to help you regain your more youthful skin.rmal energy delivered through your DermaWand®.

How to Use:

After using your DermaWand®, apply a small amount of Hydra Infusion™ to your skin and massage well in a gentle, circular motion. Be sure to cover the entire area evenly.

Increase Your DermaWand® Results
With DermaVitál®

3 Easy Steps To a Younger You...

Step 1: Pre-Face

Before you use your DermaWand®, you need to prepare your face with proper moisturizing.
Of course – you can use your own skin care products, if you like. But if you truly want to experience the best age-reversing results, try our DermaVitál® Pre-Face Beauty Treatment cream. This unique Pre-Face treatment was specificaly designed to enhance the results of your DermaWand® by preparing your skin with an exceptional blend of hydrating moisturizers. This silky cream combines extracts of Chamomile and Aloe in an advanced formula that optimizes your skin's ability to receive the enriched oxygen and thermal energy delivered through your DermaWand®.

How to Use:

First, cleanse and pat dry your entire face, neck and décolletage. Then, apply a liberal amount of Pre-Face cream to the palm of your hand – about a nickel-sized dollop (1 cm diameter). Gently smooth the Pre-Face cream over your skin so it is evenly applied, always keeping the cream away from your eyes. As you use your DermaWand®, you may wish to reapply more Pre-Face to maintain your skin's moisture level and ensure that your DermaWand® glides comfortably across your skin.

Step 3: Skin Mist

Now your skin is ready to drink in extra hydration. Our DermalVitál® Skin Mist contains a specially purified water blend that is ideal for your thirsty skin. Now that you've applied your Hydra Infusion™, your skin is chemically prepared to absorb this moisture into its deeper layers, where the age reversal process begins.

How to Use:

Immediately after you've massaged your Hydra Infusion™ into your skin, spritz the entire area with Skin Mist, carefully avoiding your eyes. Repeat misting for optimal hydration.