How to DermaWand® and DermaVitál®!


Perform the following procedures for 3 minutes every morning and evening.


Before beginning treatments, always thoroughly cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser and rinse with warm water.


Completely pat your face dry after cleansing and rinsing.


Apply Pre-Face or your favorite hydrating moisturizer (an amount the size of a nickel) onto clean fingertips and gently layer over your entire face. Give special attention to the delicate eye area, gently spread your moisturizers, or eye cream carefully around this sensitive area.


When using DermaWand for the first time, turn dial to setting 1. Make sure to remove bulb cap first. Try it on the back of your hand first. If your DermaWand has not been used before, or if the DermaWand has not been used for several days, it may take up to 1 minute for the bulb to glow.


THAT UNIQUE SENSATION! Place bulb directly on your facial skin (remember to remove the cap) to experience the DermaWand sensation. Always work on the lowest setting for the first few days until you get used to the sensation. When you no longer feel the same intensity (a gentle tingling feeling) of the stimuli, this is the signal that your skin is ready for the next level. Continue increasing the intensity on the dial a little bit at a time until you have reached your maximum comfort zone. The DermaWand is effective even at the lowest setting, and your comfort setting depends on your skin's sensitivity.


Now begin sweeping the DermaWand over your entire face.


After finishing your general sweeps, now begin some or all of the lifting exercises shown in this guide. The more exercises you perform each day, the quicker you will see the new you.